With the starting point as a professional subcontractor performing different items in the major foreign main contractor projects,

through an active operation process, KMCC has strongly progressed to become a main contractor for design and construction providing a full spectrum of professional services to bring satisfaction to customers. KMCC has built trust with a large number of customers from many countries such as USA, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and many other countries.
In fact, almost all of the customers who have used our services continue to use other services when needed. We bring customers not only quality construction work, but also reliance, development and prosperity to customers in the future.

To become one of the leading prestigious construction company in Vietnam, which is highly appreciated by its clients and partners for its people, cooperation and performance.

  • With customers: we consider prestige, quality and cost effectiveness as the measures of company value.
  • With partners: we consider the building of sustainable relationships based on mutual cooperation, benefit and development as the focus.
  • With employees: we consider the creation of a professional, dynamic, creative and humane working environment, with open opportunities for career development, adequate and fair income as our guidelines.
  • With society: we consider social responsibility and environmentally-friendly as the prerequisite for success.


Focus on customer BENEFITS

We always demand ourselves: What practical benefits do our products bring to our customers?


Both sides WIN (Win – Win)

We believe that the most desirable and long-term sustainable relationship is the one that balances the interests of the parties. This is the backbone we follow in the relationship with customers, employees and partners. Thereupon, we work and behave to ensure the mutual benefits and adequate balance for mutual development.


Keep absolute TRUST for customers

With a clear viewpoint, when serving customers, we are entirely dedicated, loyal, secure, absolutely reliable.


Increasing VALUE in business culture

The marketplace is not a battlefield, but a place for parties to interact and create value. Accordingly, for Employees – we nurture, for Customers – we serve, with Partners – we support, with Competitors – we scrutinize ourselves.

  • We consider our Customer as the center of our services, and commit to solving problems with a spirit of cooperation, always considering practicality and fairness with absolute trust & honesty.
  • We are always transparent, honest and respect professional ethics, respect personal opinions and personal improvement.
  • We combine individual strengths to maximize collective impact, considering Work-Life balance as a long-term goal.
  • We always remember “The only constant in life is change“, thus think creatively and act quickly.
  • Our culture is 3C, which is  Communication, Challenge and Continuously Improvement. We proactively connect our hearts with each other, and are proactive in the journey of continuous improvement and innovation, making full use of the latest technology and techniques.
  • We provide solutions to environmental and social challenges and actively engage in social contribution activities to help build a sustainable world.