The working environment is dynamic and professional, always create the opportunity for each employee to develop their own capabilities. The employee always have the support of superiors and colleagues in the spirit of the overall development of the Company. KMCC always put the priority to develop the internal human resources and give the opportunity to develop all his/her strengths and promote to higher position.


Employees are the resources as a decisive factor to the development of each enterprise. KMCC always respects the values created and contributed by the employees to the Company, regardless of age, gender and level. The Company manages and evaluates employees according to work productivity and efficiency, providing equal opportunities for all employees in the working process and enabling them to promote maximum capacity.

All employees working at KMCC are entitled to the 13th salary month for their achievements in the year and deserved rewards. (Project bonus, awarding the title of excellent employee, rewarding for successful candidate introduction …)

Every year, the Company evaluates and adjusts welfare policies, creating more practical remuneration for all employees so that employees can feel secure to work and dedicate themselves to the Company.

Other Company welfare policies

  • Organizing activities, staff and family member to vacation … so that employees will also have the opportunity to better understand each other and promote the spirit of more effective teamwork.
  • Health care policy.
  • Establishing a Support Fund for Employees in Difficulty situation with the purpose of providing support, assistance (once or for a long time) to employees and family members in extremely difficult circumstances. ..
  • Organizing professional training courses to perfect skills to meet job requirements and challenges, facilitate to participate in practical training sessions held regularly for everyone to experience and learn.
  • All benefits and welfare policies are designed to motivate employees to work hard to assert themselves and develop their careers.

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